We are currently transitioning from working as childminders to opening our own Darwen based Nursery / Kids Club. Therefore the feedback on our work standards stems from our previous work experience gained within the childcare field.

This feedback will be updated once our childcare setting is fully up and running.

Below you will find comments made by parents and employers over the years about the quality of childcare that myself and my nursery business partner provide and have provided.

November 2018

“My Little daughter absolutely loves coming to Safe & Sound Nursery. She has been attending for nearly 1 year and is really happy here. It has been heartwarning that my girl feels like it’s a home away from home. Fantastic staff, brilliant child development. Great enviroment lots of activities. Nursery staff are absolutely amazing. Kerry is a fantastic person, lovely and helpful. My daughter loves her. I recommend it 100%.”

Joanna Lewandowsca – Ciurus

October 2018

“Our daughter has been here for nearly 3 years now and she absolutely loves it. We do as well!!!! The children are well looked after, and the staff are great always happy and friendly. Always have time to answer all questions about my little girl development. I would highly recommend it and have done to mothers who now have their kids there. It has a great ofsted report. It is like a home with lots of different activities every day. Even over the weekend my L is asking me if she could go to Kerry’s and that means a lot!!! Highly recommended. “🌻

Katarzyna Ros

August 2014

“I have known Kerry for a long long time and she used to be my childminder. She is a wonderful person and she is really great with kids. She will be a great person to look after ur kids as i have found out thank u so much Kerry u r a wonderful person”. xxxx

(C Wearing)

July 2012

“Kerry treats all the children equally. Kerry has very good organisational skills and has done very good work in the EYFS area this year. Kerry implements her planning in line with the children’s developmental needs, Kerry organises her time well and completes any task I ask of her effectively. Kerry is good at reflecting on her practice regularly and solving any problems which then enhances the smooth running of the setting. Kerry takes on board any new policies and procedures and if change is needed she implements them very well. Kerry knows the importance of attending work and has minimal absences, she always makes the effort to attend work even when feeling ill”.

(Deputy Manager Performance review, Kidsland Ltd)

July 2011

“Kerry has good relationships with the children, providing daily adult led and free play craft and play activities. The whole team works well together to provide a quality childcare experience for the children”.

(Deputy Manager Performance review, Kidsland Ltd)

July 2010

“Kerry is proactive in the delivery of a variety of activities. Kerry is very conversant with the principles and values of playwork. Kerry understands that by playing the child learns and develops as an individual. Kerry has a good understanding of inclusion, disability and behaviour management. Kerry uses her time well and knows what needs to be done at all times. Kerry is fully conversant with the need to keep complete and up to date records, which record and evidence all care provided for the children and the Early Years Foundation Stage”.

(Playworker Performance review, Kidsland Ltd)

May 2010

To Kerry,

“Just a note to say thank you for your care of ….. and …. over the past 9 months. I know they have both loved coming and I have always felt confident that you cared for them to the highest possible standard. It is a shame that we will lose you as a childminder, as good child-care is hard to find! (I know!) but we wish you the very best in whatever you choose to do in the future”.

“It has also been nice to see ….. form a close friendship with Harlan. It would be nice for this friendship to continue”.

(This comment has been taken from a card given to me by a minded child’s parents).

“Anyway, Thanks Again, Love K….., T……, J…… and C……” xxx

November 2007

“Children relate very well to the childminder. They enjoy very warm and caring relationships”.

(Ofsted Inspection Report)

November, 2004

“Kerry has proved to be reliable and trustworthy, and is a good time-keeper. The company can rely on Kerry to be at school early each evening, so that there is a Kidsland team member there when the children come through from class. Kerry is imaginative and inventive in her planning and delivery of activities”.

(Playworker Performance review, Kidsland Ltd)